10 Tips for driving during winter

Highways can be really dangerous places during the winter, even for the most experienced drivers out there, but if you respect these 10 tips, you are safe.


  • Always ensure that your truck is in good condition before hitting the road

– clean the snow and the ice from the vehicle, especially from the hood, the lights and the windows

– carefully inspect the tires, the wipers, the fluids and the lights and make sure they are completely functional

– always keep at least half a tank of gasoline

  • Never forget these things at home: a cloak, gloves, thick clothes, a lantern, blankets, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, salt or sand, a brush to scrub the snow off, cables, wheel chains, a mobile phone and a charger.
  • Drive with care

– you can compensate for a bad traction by driving slower. Driving at a slower pace gives you a superior reaction time in case something happens on the highway ahead of you.

  • Accelerate and break slowly

– avoid sudden stops or sudden take-offs. When you’re driving in slippery conditions, hit the brakes slowly, thus you avoid the risk of blocking the wheels and losing control of your vehicle.

  • Keep as much space between you and other vehicles as possible
  • If possible, refrain from driving in formations
  • Do evasion maneuvers

– adjust your driving to the conditions of the road. Reduce the speed when you pass in front of other cars and break only when necessary.

  • Grip that wheel with confidence

– sudden moves can cause the loss of control. Tighten your grip on the wheel when there’s strong wind or ice on the road. The ice pellicle makes driving a bit difficult and you need to be a master of precise movements of the wheel.

  • Beware of the “black ice”

– black ice is transparent and it forms when the temperature drops close to that of freezing. In this case, it may appear as a mere puddle of water, that’s why it can easily trick you.

  • Pay extra attention when driving through the mountains

– weather in the mountains can change immediately during the wintertime. Prepare for strong gusts of wind in exposed areas and watch out for the snow ploughs.

  • If you start skidding: gently press the clutch, look only in your left mirror and counter-steer with fast moves to place yourself in front of the trailer.

16 Things you must carry as a truck driver

  • baby wipes – for cleaning various objects
  • sodium bicarbonate – very cheap cleaning agent
  • sleeping bag
  • accessories for the bed – pillows and even curtains
  • recording camera
  • vitamins
  • mats – to keep your truck’s floor clean
  • products of personal hygiene
  • voltage inverters
  • a laptop
  • maps/ an atlas
  • sunglasses
  • a tiny vacuum cleaner
  • ventilation systems
  • hairdryer
  • canned food.